Antennas (900MHz)

For use with RCI-XXX-RF9 Series

Omni-Directional Antennas


Model # Item Description
MEXP-806-TN Omni-Directional, 2.0 dBd
FG9023 Omni-Directional, 3.0 dBd
FG9026 Omni-Directional, 6.0 dBd
FM2 Mounting Clamp for FG9023 and FG9026, Pole Mount
MBSWM Mounting Bracket for FG9023 and FG9026, Wall Mount, Set of 2

Directional Panel Antennas

        These antennas have a 160 pattern and are inconspicuous when mounted on a wall. Their high gain allows for increased distances between units. 

  Model # Item Description
MP8906PTNF                                        Directional Panel, 8.0 dBd,                                     Horizontal Beamwidth*: 35, Vertical Beamwidth*: 65 
MP9159PTNF                                      Directional Panel, 11.0 dBd,                                   Horizontal Beamwidth*: 90, Vertical Beamwidth*: 60 
MPAB8 Mounting Bracket for MP8906PTNF & MP9159PTNF

                                          (* = Beamwidth at power)                                        

Directional YAGI Antennas

        YAGI antennas are highly directional for their small size. They have a high gain to increase distance between units and they are easy to mount on a pole.

  Model # Item Description
MYG9153ED                           Directional YAGI, 6.0 dBd, (includes MYK10),                                 Horizontal Beamwidth*: 72, Vertical Beamwidth*: 57 
MYG9159ED                           Directional YAGI, 10.0 dBd, (includes MYK10)                                Horizontal Beamwidth*: 52, Vertical Beamwidth*: 43 
MYK10 Mounting Bracket for MYG9153ED and MYG9159ED

 (* = Beamwidth at power) 



Model # Item Description
DSXL Lightning Protector, In-line type, N-Female Termination on both ends
DSXL-ME Lightning Protector, In-line type, N-Male (Protected Side) and N-female (Surge Side)
LMR400GND Coax Cable Ground Kit - for LMR-400 cable
(no picture available) LMR195NMNM-xxx Standard Coaxial Cable, 0.178 dB/ft loss, max 10ft.
(no picture available) LMR400NMNM-xxx Low-Loss Coaxial Cable, Transmission Loss: 0.066 dB/ft



 Weatherproofing Kit, Butyl Tape & Electrical Tape

            (replace "xxx" with the length of cable in feet)