DPS-XXV/YA-RED-S: Redundant Power Supply        specsheet


  • Standard 117 VAC Line Power
  • Various Output Voltage & Current Combinations
  • High Efficiency HexFET Switching Power Supply Technology
  • Current Limit Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Fault Indication Lights


The DPS series redundant power supplies are reliable, efficient power supplies that provide uninterrupted output even if one supply module should fail. Each power supply module is hot-swappable while the other module(s) remain operational. A central control module provides individual power supply module failure indication along with a common fault alarm contact.

Three way protection ensures that the power supply has a long service life.

(1) Current limiting at 130% of rated output current protects the power supply from damage due to excess current drain

(2) A crowbar circuit protects the power supply from overvoltage by shutting down the primary switching logic. To restore operation, the input to the supply must be turned off for a length of time to allow the main filter capacitor to discharge.

(3) Thermal shutdown protection protects the output diodes and the switching transistor from overheating. The power supply will shut down and automatically restart once these devices have cooled down again.


  • Power Input: 117 VAC 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: - 5A version: 220VA, 145W
    - 10A version: 450VA, 300W
  • Input Power Fuse: - 5A version: 6A
    - 10A version: 12A
  • Operating Temperature: -40 Deg.C. to +50 Deg.C.
  • Output Ripple: Less than 70 mV
  • Regulation: +/-1% for 0-100% Load