DS4-32 High-Density Solid State Display    specsheet 

  • Long-life LED lamps
  • Customizable display elements
  • Optional graphical display elements
  • Low power consumption (20 mA per point)
  • Low profile (1.5" deep)
  • High density solid state annunciator
  • Easy field connection using 37-pin quick connector


The Model DS-32 is a thirty-two point, high density solid-state annunciator display designed by Pribusin Inc to be used in applications where an ultra dense, reliable and legible display is required. This display uses the latest state of the art technology in LED "light bars", giving the display such features as very low power consumption, (20 mA per point), low heat dissipation and very high reliability.

The main feature of this display is the totally blank face when there is no alarm present. The intention is for the operator to focus only on the points that go into the alarm state. Most annunciators have a logic test or a lamp test function that will cause every display point to light. For applications where all the legends have to be visible in the normal state as well as the alarm state, the suffix "P" is added to the model number, (DS-32-P) and the display will have a clear front with a positive legend sheet. The alarm state will still be shown in red, which is the only color available.

The standard display has a red faceplate with a negative legend sheet behind it. The legend sheet is produced by Pribusin Inc to the end user's specifications, or the end user can make his/her own negative legend sheet. (A layout grid sheet is available.) One interesting feature is that the legend may consist of any type of character or graphic symbol. The DS-32 has thirty-two display elements arranged in four rows by eight columns. Each display element has an image are of 0.75" by 0.35". There are two other display formats available, where a larger image area is required. These are the Model DS2-32, which has two light bars pre display point. These displays have their specifications on the reverse side of this data sheet. The DS-32 is compatible with any annunciator or lamp driver circuit that has a 24 VDC common. The DS-32 is totally compatible with the Pribusin Inc. Model CP-32 remote logic annunciator.

  • Overall Dimensions: 16.0" Wide X 5.5" High X 1.5" Deep
  • With Flush Mount Bezel Dimensions: 17.5" Wide X 7.0" High X 1.5" Deep
  • Image Area Per Point: 1.54" Wide (center .04" is not usable) X 0.74" High
  • Legend Character Sizing:
    • .08" High, max. 22 ch/line, max. 6 lines
    • .10" High, max. 16 ch/line, max. 4 lines
    • .125" High, max. 16ch/line, max. 4 lines
  • Current Drain: 80 mA at 24 VDC
  • Termination: Amp. 37 pin connector standard