ITC-XX-BIO: Isolated Bi-Polar Signal Conditioner       specsheet 

  • High Input-Output-Power Isolation (1500VAC Test)
  • Bi-Polar Voltage and mV Input & Output Signal Ranges
  • Uni-Polar Current Ranges available also
  • Small Size - Fits on Terminal Block Rail
  • Industry Standard Inputs and Outputs
  • Power: 24 VDC, 100 mA
  • High Noise Rejection
  • Complies with IEEE C37.90.1.1989

The ITC-XX-BIO provides high isolation and surge withstand capability from Input to Output to Power in a small, easy to install package. The universal DIN rail mount often makes it possible to install the ITC-XX-BIO right next to the instrument that is to be isolated. The many different input and output configurations allow it to be used in a great variety of applications ranging from PLC front end conditioning to adding an extra loop with lots of drive to an existing, almost fully loaded, loop.

Uni-polar and Bi-polar input and output ranges are available for voltages from as low as +/-100mV to +/-10VDC.
Uni-polar input and output ranges are available for currents from 0 to 20mA
The surge withstand capability (SWC) complies with the IEEE C37.90.1.1989 standard.


  • Isolation: 1500 VAC Input to Output to Power (Test)
  • SWC: 3KV Peak, 1.5MHz Damped Oscillation @ 60Hz
  • Input Impedance (4-20mA only): 50 Ohms
  • Power: 24 VDC (19-29VDC) @ 100 mA | 140mA if Two-Wire Supply is used
  • Accuracy/Linearity: +/-0.1% max., +/- 0.05% typ.
  • Loop Resistance
  • Change Effects: -0.03% per 100 Ohms change (4-20 mA only) calibrated at 250 ohms
  • Common Mode Rej.: at 60 Hz = 120 dB
  • Response Time: 50 msec to 63% of final value | 250 msec to 99% of final value
  • Temperature Effects: +/- 0.5% max., +/-0.2% typ. (for 40 Deg. C. change)
  • Drift at 25 Deg. C.: 24 Hours: +/- 0.03% | 30 Days: +/-0.1%
  • Operating Temperature:-40 Deg. C. to + 50 Deg. C.
  • Coupling Capacitance: Input-Output-Power less than 10 pF