IUC-7X-TXX: Isolated Thermocouple Transmitter               specsheet 

  • High Input-Output-Power Isolation (1500VAC Test)
  • Standard Ranges for Type J, K, E, T, S, R
  • Special Ranges Available
  • Cold Junction Compensated
  • Industry Standard Outputs: 4-20 mA, 1-5 VDC, more
  • High Output Drive on Current Outputs
  • Easy Field Calibration
  • Two Wire Supply Option for Two Wire Transmitters
  • Power: 117 VAC 50/60 Hz (Optional 24 VDC)
  • High Noise Rejection
  • CSA and NRTL Approved (LR 51078)

The IUC-7X-TXX is an isolated Thermocouple transmitter that provides high isolation and rugged design for many control applications. Three-way isolation is provided between the input, the output and the power. The signal isolation takes place through state-of-the-art optical isolators to ensure high accuracy and repeatability. Special output drive circuitry allows the IUC-7X-TXX to drive loads of up to 1600 Ohms which makes it ideal for driving multi instrument loops.

Several standard Thermocouple types and ranges are available that cover a wide spectrum of temperatures. Special ranges are available upon consultation with the factory or your representative.

  • Isolation: Input to Output to Power 1500 VAC (test)
  • Accuracy/Linearity:+/- 0.1% max., +/- 0.05% typ.
  • Operating Temperature: -40 Deg.C. to +50 Deg.C.
  • Temperature Effects: +/-0.5% max., +/-0.2% typ. (for 40 Deg.C. change)
  • Output Ripple: less than 0.1% p-p value
  • Common Mode Rejection: 120 dB @ 60 Hz
  • Loop Drive: Max. 1600 Ohms at 20mA