Lake Adventure Sewage Treatment Facility

Welcome to Lake Adventure, a nice, quiet community in Pennsylvania. The sewage system for this area is composed of 4 pump stations that pump sewage water to the water treatment station. Communication between the treatment station and water pumps is handled wirelessly. We have a host radio (H) at our treatment center that is unable to directly communicate with surrounding pump stations due to the many elevation fluctuations of the terrain. To overcome this problem, we have set-up a repeater remote (R) in a central location to communicate with radios located in outlying pump stations. The repeater is assembled on a relatively high ground of the terrain in order to maximize its range. The repeater remote has been attached to a telephone pole in order to give it even greater range (see picture of repeater below). This repeater is responsible for communicating with pump stations 2, 3, and 4, which are located around the Lake Adventure Facility. The radio at pump station 4 acts as a relay for pump station 1, because the radio at this station canít communicate directly with the repeater due to the terrain and remote location of the site Refer to the aerial picture above of Lake Adventure to get an overview of the host, repeater, and pump station locations.

When the water reaches a certain level at each pump station, it begins getting pumped to the treatment plant. Each station has a 4-20 mA water flow rate signal (a Badger Mag Meters product), which begins sending information to the host radio when the station starts pumping sewage water. In the event that a pump malfunctions, each station is armed with a high wet well contact. Similar to the flow rate signals, this contact triggers an alarm at the water plant when the water reaches a certain level at each station. Its purpose is to indicate to someone at the water plant that something is wrong at a pump station. For a visual diagram of the radio set-up at each pump station, click on the link below:

(H) Host (RCI-400-RF9)
(R) Repeater (RCI-RPT-RF9)
Pump Station 1 (RCI-100-RF9)
Pump Station 2 (RCI-100-RF9)
Pump Station 3 (RCI-100-RF9)
Pump Station 4 (RCI-100-RF9)