RCI-100-FSK: Leased-Line Remote Control Signal Interface  specsheet

  • Bi-directional Communication using a Phone Line
  • Uses MODBUS Protocol for Reliable Data Transfer
  • 1 Dry Contact and 1 Analog Input
  • 1 'C' Relay Contact and 1 Analog Output
  • Uses Analog Half-Duplex Leased Telephone Line
  • No Calibration Required
  • Microprocessor Controlled for High Accuracy
  • Power: 117 VAC 50/60 Hz (Optional 24 VDC)
  • Built-in Overvoltage Protection on Telephone Line
  • High Noise Rejection
  • CSA and NRTL Approved (LR51078)


The RCI-100-FSK is a bi-directional remote communication system that exchanges the status of 1 dry contact input and 1 analog input between a master and remote unit. Both the master and remote unit have inputs and outputs to allow remote monitoring and remote control.

Since the master and remote units are connected via leased telephone line, and hence are ‘always-on’, a change in signal at one end is transmitted to the other end with very little delay. This makes this unit ideal for real-time monitoring of remote tanks, pumps, etc.

The bi-directional operation allows for control signals to be sent back to the remote site to take action based on the incoming monitored signal.
This unit may also be used as a remote unit in a multi-remote system where the master is a multi-channel device such as the RCI-200-FSK, RCI-400-FSK or RCI-800-FSK. 


  • Input: (1) 0-20mA & (1) Dry contacts
  • Output: (1) 0-20mA & (1) 'C' Contacts
  • Transmission Medium: Analog Phone Line, Half-Duplex
  • BAUD Rate: 2400 BAUD
  • Transmission Output: -6dB max., -8dB typ.
  • Operating Temperature: -20 Deg.C. to +50 Deg.C.
  • Relay Contacts: 10A 1/8Hp @ 125VAC, 6A 1/8Hp @ 277VAC
  • Power: 117 VAC, 60/50 Hz (24VDC Available)
  • Enclosure: NEMA4X (NEMA12 available as an option)



RCI-100-FSK rev.C

RCI-100-FSK rev.D

RCI-100-FSK rev.E

RCI-100-FSK rev.F