RCI-RPT-RF2: Repeater for Remote Control Signal Interface            specsheet  
With 2.4GHz Radio Frequency Link                                      

  • Extends Distance of Effective Radio Tranmission
  • Provides Access to Non-Line-of-Sight Remotes
  • Bi-directional Communication using License-free 2.4GHz Radio Band
  • Spread-Spectrum Radio technology Provides Reliable Communication
  • Re-Transmission & Error Correction Algorithms ensure accurate Data transmission
  • Point-to-Point or Host-to-Multipoint Topologies
  • No Calibration Required
  • Microprocessor Controlled for high Accuracy
  • Power: 24 VDC, 200mA
  • High Noise Rejection

    The RCI-RPT-RF2 is a store and forward radio signal repeater that can be used to extend the distance between a host and its remote(s). The unit receives date from the host and re-transmits it to the remote(s) and vice-versa. Using a repeater can provide access to remote locations that are not in direct line-of-sight with the host.

    Standard RCI-XXX-RF2 units are also capable of acting as a repeater thereby serving a dual function of remote unit and signal repeater. The license-free spread-spectrum radio technology allows small systems to be set up with very little effort and at a low cost. The technology ensures high communication reliability even in RF-intensive environments.

    All units are sold with a 1/4 wave omnidirectional whip antenna. Other antennas, such as the directional Yagi or Patch antennas, are sold separately.

  • Media: 2.4GHz Spread-Spectrum Radio
  • Range: Up to 1500ft indoors with omnidirectional antenna. Or up to 12 miles line-of-sight with directional antenna
  • Protocol: MODBUS ASCII
  • Speed: 9600 BAUD
  • Radio Power Output: 100mW, 1000mW (selectable)
  • Operating Temperature: -4F to +140F (-20C to +60C)
  • Power: 117 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 24VDC Available
  • Enclosure: NEMA4X (NEMA 12 available as an option)




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