SPB-485: RS-485 Signal Repeater/Power Booster        specsheet


  • Repeat and Boost RS-485 Signals up to 5000ft.
  • Reduce Communications Errors due to Echoes on Long RS-485 Busses
  • Add More Field Transmitters
  • Provide additional Power for Field-Transmitters
  • Small Size

    The SPB-485 is a signal repeater and power booster for RS-485 serial links. Its plastic enclosure makes it ideal for mounting in remote, unsupervised locations.

    RS-485 busses are limited to approx. 5000ft. in length. The SPB-485 can be used to extend that distance by 5000ft. for every unit installed. Long serial links can sometimes cause transmission echoes that result in communications losses. An adjustable echo filter allows these unwanted echoes to be filtered out.

    The SPB-485 can also be used to provide additional power to field transmitters down the line. This helps to compensate for IIR losses. By adding additional power through an SPB-485 the wire size of the RS-485 bus can be kept small.

  • Input: RS-485
  • Output: RS-485
  • Fanout: 32 RS-485 Field Transmitters
  • Operating Power: 24 VDC (RS-485 bus or external)
  • Enclosure: PVC Plastic
  • Operating Temperature: -20 Deg. C. to + 40 Deg. C.