NTC-7X-FRT: Non-Isolated Frequency Converter with Alarm Trip    specsheet 

  • DIN-Rail Mount (small size)
  • Industry Standard Output: 4-20 mA, 1-5 VDC, more
  • Wide Input Frequency Ranges (from 5 Hz to 10 KHz)
  • Trip Function has Setpoint, Deadband and Delay Adjustment
  • 24 VDC and 12 VDC Supply for Open Collector Input or Dry Contact Input
  • Easy Field Calibration (Typ. calibration time < 2 min. using handheld meter only)
  • Power: 24 VDC
  • High Noise Rejection
  • CSA and NRTL Approved (LR 51078)

The NTC-7X-FRT is a microprocessor controlled Frequency to analog output converter that is easily field configurable to any frequency input from 0-10 Hz to 0-10 KHz. It has a single form "C" contact that has individual setpoint, deadband and delay adjustments. In addition, there is an analog output that converts the input frequency to any one of several standard outputs.

The Setpoint and Deadband are adjustable from 0-100 % of the calibrated input frequency. The deadband is an absolute type deadband, meaning that it is always linked to the setpoint. Once it is set to a certain value, it need not be adjusted again if the setpoint is re-adjusted. The delay function adds an optional delay on the relay trip function of 0-60 sec. This is helpful in eliminating false alarms.



  • Accuracy/Linearity: 0.3% max., 0.1% typ.
  • Operating Temperature: -40 Deg.C. to +50 Deg.C
  • Temperature Effects: 0.5% max., 0.2% typ. (for 40 Deg.C. change)
  • Loop Drive: Max. 1000 Ohms at 20mA
  • Contact Rating: 0.4A, 1/8Hp @ 125VAC or 2A @ 30VDC