Customer Comments

Greg Barber from Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, MA:

Thank you for all you help with setting up our new RCI-800-NET.  I have been very happy with the FSK units that have been in service for many years and I am looking forward to the data I am going to be able to share over the Ethernet unit.  You mentioned some new cell technology that you have and I am excited to learn more about that.  All my contact info is below.  I speak of you often because I have always been impressed with being able to get immediate attention from you.  I tell folks that not only do I get help; it’s the only business I call where I speak with the President of the company!  Businesses like to boast that they are “world class”, which I sometimes think means that you have to speak several foreign languages to follow their phone directory, if they don’t limit you to an email response.  I appreciate your personal attention in this age of “press 1, or press 2”.  Add that to your “bulletproof” product, and you are my definition of a” world class company”.  Keep up the great work.  Thank you.