We Have Everything—From Pump Controller to Solar Power System

Pribusin brings you all of the instruments you need to control your processes effectively.

We have more than a dozen products in our miscellaneous section for everything from the RS-232 / RS-485 Isolated Converter to your programmable pump controller. Or check out our 8-point and 32-point annunciator or solar power system.

The isolated converter/buffer converts RS 485 multi-drop signals to PC standard RS 232 signals. It provides electrical isolation between an incoming RS 485 bus from the field and the host PC’s RS 232 port.

Our universal pump controller can control up to four pumps and has a signal analog input that can be connected to a field transmitter either as a two-wire or three-wire input.

Do you need an annunciator to indicate your alarms? We offer an 8-point and a 32-point annunciator that is easy to use and economical.

Pribusin’s solar power system is custom engineered to provide power in remote locations. It can be used as autonomous power where there is no conventional AC line power available or as standby power for areas that experience frequent power interruptions.

Other products in this section include ambient temperature transmitter, loop- or AC-powered displays, remote control signal interfaces, touch-tone interfaces, signal repeater/boosters and more!

Whatever instrument you need for your process control systems, you’ll find it here.

RS-232/RS-485 Isolated Converter
232/485 COM
Programmable Pump Controller
Loop-Powered Two-Wire Temperature Sensor/Transmitter  
Annunciator 8-Point
3.5 Digit Display (Loop Powered)
3.5 Digit Display (AC Powered)
Telephone Line Lightning Arrestor
Telephone Line Surge Protector
Solar Power System

RS-485 Signal Repeater/Booster


32-Point High-Density Annunciator
Remote Control Signal Interface
Touch-Tone Phone Interface