CP-32 Point High-Density Annunciator         specsheet

  • LED point displays
  • Drive capability of 200 mA @ 24 VDC for each alarm point
  • Customizable flash sequences
  • Special funcation relay out puts: Audible, Ringback, and Reflash
  • 4 contact inputs: Silence, Acknowledge, Reset, and Test


The CP-32 is a 32 point remote logic annunciator that offers features and flexibility that allows it to be used in most annunciation applications. The one-piece 19" rack mount construction contains all the I/O terminations, electronics, LED point displays and power supply. DIP switches allow the user to select different flashing sequences and customize the operation of the CP-32. The different flash sequences include: a) straight indication, b) flash on alarm, c) flash & latch on alarm, d) return to normal slow flash and e) first out alarm fast flash.

The CP-32 is microprocessor controlled for high reliability and versatility. Each alarm point has an LED indication as well as a drive capability of 200mA @ 24VDC making this annunciator compatible with most related products on the market today.

Three special function relay outputs are provided for additional functionality: Audible, Ringback and Reflash. The Audible relay is de-energized anytime an alarm is detected. The relay is reset (energized) by a contact closure on the Silence input. The Ringback (return-to-normal) audible relay is de-energized anytime a point goes from an alarm condition back to normal. The relay is reset (energized) by a contact closure on the Silence input. The Reflash relay is de-energized when the first alarm condition is detected. Subsequent additional alarms cause the relay to pulse. This function allows the user to tie all points in a remote area to a common annunciator point in a control room or in a larger system.

Four contact inputs are used for user input: Silence, Acknowledge, Reset and Test. The Silence input is used to reset the Audible and Ringback relays The Acknowledge input is used to Acknowledge new incoming alarms. The flashing alarms will go solid-on after an Acknowledge contact closure The Reset input is used to turn off any outgoing alarms whether flashing or latched The Test input is used to turn on all 32 outputs and is intended as a lamp test feature to verify proper operation of all annunciation points. Special function relays are not affected by the Test input.

The CP-32 can be used by itself, with various display units, but we recommend the Pribusin Inc.
DS4-32 High Density Solid-State Display. The DS4-32 features a clear face plate, state of the art LED "light bars", and low power consumption.The DS4-32 legend is customizable to the users specifications and the display images can even contain graphical images.


  • Inputs: 32 Dry Contact Inputs, Normally Open or Normally Closed (Selectable)
  • Outputs: One LED per Point, 24VDC @ 200mA Output for External Indication
  • Power: 120/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Control Inputs: (1) Acknowledge (2) Reset (3) Test (4) Silence
  • Audible Relay: Normally Energized, De-energized on Alarm, Reset by Silence Input One Form 'C' Contact
  • Ringback Relay: Normally Energized, De-energized on Alarm back to Normal, Reset by Silence Input One Form 'C' Contact
  • Reflash Relay: Normally Energized, De-energized on Alarm, Pulses on New Alarms One Form 'C' Contact