Isolated Adder/Subtractor  IUC-XX-ADD
Signal Conditioner/Isolator for voltage or current signals         IUC-22
Dual-Output Isolator   IUC-XX-DOP
Signal Conditioner/Isolator for voltage or current signals  IUC-XX
Isolated Frequency Converter        IUC-7X-FRX
Isolated Frequency Window Converter     IUC-7X-FRW
Isolated Frequency Converter       IUC-7X-FRL
Frequency to Frequency Isolator/Conditioner          IUC-79-FTF
Isolated Frequency Converter with Alarm Trip         IUC-7X-FRT
Isolated High/Low Selector        IUC-XX-HLS
Isolated Integrator with Linearizer   IUC-X8-LIN
Isolated Integrator with Linearizer and Analog & Pulse Output     IUC-XX-LNT
Isolated Linearizer   IUC-XX-LNZ
Isolated Millivolt Converter  IUC-7X-MVX
Isolated Multiplier  IUC-XX-MUL
Isolated Pulse Duration (Time Pulse) Transmitter/Receiver  IUC-XX-PDX
Isolated PWM Converter  IUC-XX-PWM
Isolated Rate Integrator & Totalizer           IUC-X8-RIT
Isolated AC Voltage Converter          IUC-7X-ACV
Isolated AC Current Converter            IUC-7X-ACI
Isolated RMS Voltage/Current Converter                IUC-7X-RMS-XXY
Isolated Range Window Transmitter              IUC-XX-RWN
Isolated RTD Transmitter             IUC-7X-RTX
Isolated Slidewire Transmitter          IUC-XX-SLX
Isolated Square Root Extractor                   IUC-XX-SIN
Isolated Strain Gauge Converter                IUC-7X-STX
Telephone Transmission System for 1 Analog Signal Frequency Link   IUC-X9-TXA
Transmission System for 1 Analog Signal and 2 Digital Signals Frequency Link            IUC-X9-TXC
Isolated Thermocouple Transmitter  IUC-7X-TXX
Isolated Universal Signal Conditioner                  IUC-XX-UNV
Isolated Watts Transducer             IUC-7X-WTX