232/485COM: RS-232 to RS-485 Isolated Converter/Buffer      specsheet  

  • Small Sized Desktop Package
  • Optically Isolates RS-485 bus from RS-232 bus
  • No Additional Power Supply Required
  • Transmission Speeds up to 9600 BAUD
  • No Calibration or Setup Required
  • Microprocessor Controlled for High Accuracy
  • Adjustable Echo Filtering for Long RS-485 busses
  • High Noise Rejection
  • CSA and NRTL Approved (LR51078)

The 232/485COM Isolated Converter/Buffer converts RS-485 multi-drop signals to PC standard RS-232 signals. These can then be fed into a PCs existing COM ports.

The 232/485COM provides electrical isolation between an incoming RS-485 bus from the field and the host PCs RS-232 port. This helps to prevent power spikes or surges from entering the PCs delicate internal bus structures. Such power surges or spikes could lock-up the PC or may even cause internal damage.

In addition, the 232/485COM can provide echo filtering in the case of a long RS-485 bus in the field. In some cases a long RS-485 bus that has several impedance mismatches can create echos that could scramble the messages sent to and from the host PC. By buffering data and delaying it slightly before sending it on the 232/485COM can help reduce problems associated with echos.

  • Conversion: RS-232 / RS-485 (bi-directional)
  • Transmission Speed: UP to 9600 BAUD
  • Isolation: Optical, 1500VAC test
  • Operating Temperature: -40 Deg.C. to +50 Deg.C.
  • Power: 24VDC, 100mA (RS-485 side) / 10VDC, 20mA (RS-232 side)
  • Enclosure: Metal Desktop Enclosure w/ Rubber Feet